Jeffrey Everett of El Jefe Design

Jeffrey EverettJeffrey Everett of El Jefe Design.

Ever since DC area’s Jeffrey Everett started his design firm, El Jefe Design (pronounced L-Heff-A), in May of 2003, he has been making waves with his creative well-designed products. You may have seen his concert posters in rotation on the homepage of the Black Cat website or on the walls of the club itself. He has created posters for Supersystem, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Low, be your own Pet (he designed this one for us), Lee Rocker, The Gossip, Wolf Parade and many more. Continue reading →

The Relationship Show at DC’s Transformer Gallery

Solomon Sanchez���s “Submarine” Photo by Lucy Lightning

The Relationship Show at the Transformer Gallery houses a money-filled safe, a submarine in a sea of weave, a colorful party painting, and a large phallus mounted on the white walls. The show examines the relationships between the individual and society, others, and self through a multimedia exhibit showcasing three local artists; Nilay Lawson, Breck Brunson, and Solomon Sanchez. Brunson���s altered version of Heatwave���s R&B classic “Always and Forever” provides the soundtrack to the exhibition, slowed down one thousand times so the six-minute song lasts an hour, seemingly, but certainly not forever.

���It���s a conceptual show rather than just art for sale,��� said Lawson at the crowded Saturday, January 28 opening reception. The exhibit gives a sample of the works of the three emerging artists, each of whom brings their own style and comments on relationships. Lawson���s Spite Night is the sole painting in the gallery, a colorful piece depicting a bird���s eye view of a party where each character is spiting someone else at the gathering. Lawson describes that the drinkers are spiting their livers, the smokers are spiting their lungs, the man locked in his quiet room masturbating is spiting the party, and several other characters���some based on people she knows���are spiting each other. The painting is somewhat cartoonish with blocks of color, little use of shading for perspective, and detailed renderings of the people and the floors and walls of the house. Continue reading →

Eric Powell: The Self-Proclaimed “Ed Wood” of Comics Turns Out to be the Belle of the Ball

Eric Powell
Eric Powell in the Home Office

“I was up ’til 5 a.m.,” admits artist and writer Eric Powell as he shakes away his sleepiness during our interview, scheduled a mere five hours after his bedtime. This night owl isn’t club hopping until the wee hours – in fact, he’d be hard pressed to find many Paris Hilton-approved joints in his hometown 20 minutes outside of Nashville.

Instead, the creator of the original comics series The Goon was simply, “working late,” but his dedicated efforts have proved to be a worthy time investment. Cited by Ain’t-It-Cool-News as, “a wild ride filled with imagination, intrigue, horror, and laughs,” The Goon has quickly climbed the ranks from cult-favorite to critical darling, earning praise from Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter while picking up a few Eisners along the way. (For those not familiar with the industry, the Eisner is the equivalent to the Academy Award in the comics world).

Things weren’t always so rosy for Powell – his ascension in the comics industry included a series of rejection letters and slammed doors. Powell first considered making comics a career goal while writing and illustrating stories in junior high. However, with a turn of events at the end of high school that included Powell becoming a young father, initial plans to attend the Memphis College of Art were put on hold. In addition to his concerns about being too far away from his family, a visit to the school itself proved less than impressive. “One of the sculpting students showed me their thesis, which was a giant bird nest made out of cow dung and I thought, ‘You got to be kidding me. I’m going to pay you to teach me how to do this?’ I wanted to learn more about the technique behind art, not ‘We’re crazy artists and we do crazy shit.”

From the Tattoo Parlor to the Comics Shop

The Goon - Eric Powell
Cover from Goon #17
Image Courtesy of Eric Powell

Powell occupied his time with a series of odd jobs and freelance art gigs, including painting helmets for Motocross and designing flash art for a local tattoo shop. He even entertained thoughts about becoming a tattoo artist himself, but the $1,000 apprenticeship fee and local clientele changed his mind. “I was a little wary about who I’d have to tattoo. I’ve seen people in this area who have tattoos and some of them I wouldn’t want to touch for that long.”

Powell continued to remain focused on his pursuit of a comics career, but his experience was less of a Cinderella, overnight success story and more of a Long Day’s Journey Into Night. “I got tons of rejection letters – I still have them all,” he says. His first real dent came as a result of attending a Bernie Wrightson signing at his local comics shop. “I put a bunch of stuff in a portfolio and went down to see if he’d look at it. Tom Sniegoski was there too – he was writing Vampirella at the time – and he looked at my work, too. I asked him if I had a shot, and he gave me his card.”Sniegoski and Powell ended up forming a friendship, talking occasionally via phone about working together. It wasn’t long until Sniegowski called with an actual job opportunity. “He said, ‘I have some work if you want it.’ I said, ‘Yes!’ He said, ‘Well you don’t know what you’re getting paid.’ And I said, ‘I don’t care.'”

Powell’s foot in the door (a gig for Acclaim’s Razor: Uncut series) lead to a steady stream of work from independent publishers for awhile, but once that dried up, he decided it was time for his own creation. Continue reading →

Check Out Bob Schneider’s Website!

Bob SchneiderBob Schneider is playing tonight at The State Theatre in Falls Church, and it’s a show, we at Mudsugar, highly recommend. However, the reason for this post is to share with you his website, which is one of the most creative — and maybe the most bizarre — I’ve come across in quite a while.

You can check out this sweet website at

While you’re there check out the animation/outtakes. If you’re a Christopher Walken fan, like myself, you’re gonna love the first outtake, in which Walken wishes Bob a happy birthday.

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