Hurra Torpedo Rock The State Theatre

Hurra TorpedoPhoto by LP Lorentz

If you have heard of Hurra Torpedo, aka the kings of Norwegian appliance rock, chances are it is from an Internet video clip of their 1995 appliance-smashing performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on Norwegian television. Based on that clip, it would be easy to dismiss Hurra Torpedo as a one-hit, shtick-based novelty act. But take away the too-small tracksuits, Continue reading →

Saturna: “Just For Thrills”


‘Just For Thrills’ is that dirty love song that you’ve always wanted to write when that someone or something in your life is out of control. You turn your back just as you get a knock on the door. You don’t want to face it, but there is still so much to stay an d that lurch in your stomach just won’t go away. Its 6am and you’ve been up all night, so against your better judgement you let her in one more time… Get the ‘…All Night’ EP at

— Ryan Carroll (Saturna)

FREE MP3: “Just For Thrills” by Saturna

Saturna’s Websites: official, myspace
Band’s Hometown: Portland, OR
Photo by: Justin Dylan Renney

Black Heart Procession at The Black Cat

Black Heart Procession Poster

I have been a fan of Black Heart Procession ever since the cute girl I met in college told me about them about ten years ago. I saw them for the first time at the old Black Cat and was amazed as they toyed with fire and played a rusted saw on stage (especially since the fire thing was about eight inches from my face). Thus it was pleasure to do a poster for these guys as they travel the US promoting their new album Spell.

Usually when I do a poster I tinker with one or two thoughts and jump into the final piece. I try not to dilly-dally since I make no money doing these and I want to keep the excitement high. With this poster though I did about ten versions based on various songs on the album before ending with a hybrid of a voodoo doll, my heart-skull logo, and an x-rayed cat doll.

The limited-edition, silk-screened poster will be available at the show as well as on El JEFE DESIGN in a few weeks. Check out the new store for all your poster needs by clicking here.