Apple Releases Hilarious New Ads Featuring John Hodgman

John Hodgman Apple Ad

If you are an avid reader of Mudsugar, you may recall an article that we ran a while back about John Hodgman coming to town supporting his book, “The Areas of My Expertise.” Or, perhaps you were lucky enough to have attended the show. If neither of those rings a bell but the dude still looks familiar to you, that’s because the comic genius of his book has propelled him to a very quick celebrity status. He’s showing up everywhere including numerous appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and many other talk shows. He has also been the influence for the 700 hoboes revolution.

Well, now’s the time to buy stock in John Hodgman. Apple just launched some extremely hilarious ads (not so funny to PC lovers) featuring Hodgman as a “PC.” I’ll let the ads explain themselves. My favorite is “Virus.”


  1. Re: your comment on my site. I’m glad you like If it makes you feel better, the designer, Len of Jawbone Radio (who did a great job), designed it on a Mac. :-)

  2. I went to college with John Hodgman.
    John Hodgman was a friend of mine.

    John Hodgman is a robot.

    A very complex robot, to be sure, but an automaton nonetheless.

    At first he escaped detection by casting accusations of robotry on others– innocents such as Aaron Highley and “Gordo”.
    But this sort of cybernetic McCarthyism was just so much smoke and mirrors.

    He is a metal man, I tell you.

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