Free MP3’s Courtesy SXSW!

Did you miss this year’s SXSW? Do you feel like you missed out? You will when you read John Anderson’s article SXSW ‘06: “Thank You for the Days…”. As a conciliation we’ve included some FREE MP3’s from some of the standout bands, courtesy SXSW.

FREE MP3: “Changes” by A Cursive Memory

FREE MP3: “How Long Will It Take?” by The Plimsouls

FREE MP3: “Sixteen” by Lucero

FREE MP3: “Yes” by The Divorce

FREE MP3: “Tightly Wound” by The Capes

FREE MP3: “Mirror Kisses” by The Cribs

FREE MP3: “Wait For The Wheels” by Goldrush

FREE MP3: “tbc” by Billy Bragg

FREE MP3: “The Demon of White Sadness” by Marah

FREE MP3: “Red Hot” by Ellegarden