Gigposter for the Prefuse 73 and Edan

Prefuse Poster

Gigposter for the Prefuse 73 and Edan show at the 9:30 Club on June 1st, 2006.

Small edition of 73 posters, 3 colors screenprinted, 12″x34″ tall.
Design by Cernoch, Printed by D&L Screenprinting.

These will be on sale at the show at the merch booth. After June 1st, go to the
“Classifieds Section” at

For more posters by Cernoch, go here.

This is part of our ongoing local artist concert poster and hanbill gallery — if you are an artist, or band and would like to submit the poster or handbill from your upcoming show email the poster image with artist information, and show information including a blurb about the show and the poster to posters [at] mudsugar [dot] com. Please make sure images are at least 416 pixels wide but no larger than 1mb.

The Coup: Pick a Bigger Weapon

Coup CD coverCD Review >>

The Coup
Pick a Bigger Weapon
[Epitaph, 2006]
Rating: 7 (out of 10)

During The Coup’s explosive full band performance at the Operation: Cease Fire rally at the Washington Monument last September, a awkward moment of nonverbal discord passed between Ray “Boots” Riley and his resident hype man. Halfway through their set, the hype man grabbed a “Bush Must Go!” picket sign from the front row and hoisted it in the air. Boots’ rock-solid demeanor, for a brief moment, turned into one of marked disappointment. It appeared that Boots, like many other patriotic dissenters, had grown tired with anti-Bush rhetoric as it has been driven into the ground since the man waltzed into office. When The Coup made waves with their last album Party Music in 2001, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Patriot Act, the Christian Taliban, the actual Taliban, Duct Tape, domestic spying, etc. were all looming under or out of our nation-state’s subconscious. Continue reading →

Friends with Money

Friends With Money

Cyndi Lauper wasn’t kidding. It’s tried and true, it’s trite, it’s a major cliche: Money changes everything. Money is never easy to talk about. If you have it, you don’t see what the big deal is. If you need it, well … you want it. The older you get, the more money you need to get by, whether or not you want to admit it. That is what Nicole Holofcener’s movie Friends with Money is peripherally about. Continue reading →

Death Franz for Cribs at D.A.R.

Death Cab for CutieDeath Cab for Cutie

One really can’t lose with a bill such as the one which D.A.R. boasted on Tuesday night. –Death Cab for Cutie, Franz Ferdinand, and The Cribs– since the odds are strong that the majority of the crowd will leave with, at best, a new favorite band and, at worst, newfound respect for a known quantity. Continue reading →

Pretty Girls Make Graves Poster

PGMG Poster

Pretty Girls Make Graves are coming back to the Black Cat, May 15th to knock the house down promoting the killer album Élan Vital. To promote the show, I made up a super-special poster; printed with tint varnish, metallic ink, four colors, on nifty steel blue paper featuring cake and ghosts with forks. The poster will be available at the show or on the El Jefe Design website May 10th.

This is part of our ongoing local artist concert poster and hanbill gallery — if you are an artist, or band and would like to submit the poster or handbill from your upcoming show email the poster image with artist information, and show information including a blurb about the show and the poster to posters [at] mudsugar [dot] com. Please make sure emails are no larger than 1mb.

Brick (Movie Review)

Brick Photo

What do you think of when you think of movies set in high school? Perky cheerleaders? Sure. Unrequited love? Of course. Quirky comedies loosely based on Shakespeare? Ugh. A Dashiell Hammett inspired murder mystery with Lynchian undertones? Continue reading →

F.W. Thomas Performances Starts Tonight–Don’t Miss It!


The first installment of the F.W. Thomas Performances, a new monthly literary variety show featuring live presentations from area writers, artists and musicians starts TONIGHT at Warehouse Theatre. Don’t Miss it!

Jeff Bagato:
(author of the guidebook “Mondo DC“) on Shooting Bettie Page
. reporting on a District man who claims to have the world’s largest private collection of Bettie Page pinups.

Sarah Grace McCandless:
Local novelist and athor of Grosse Pointe Girl: Tales from An Urban Adolescence, and the soon to be released The Girl I Wanted to Be (Simon & Schuster) reading new “never heard before work of fiction.

Thomas M. Lowery:
artist, creator of the Skeleton Kids will be presenting new works of art. Check out the very cool, albeit strange, Skeleton Kids short film.

Jason Linkins:
(aka the blogger DCeiver) and friends in a dramatic presentation of The Taking Of The Orange Line 1-2-3 Continue reading →

Jeffrey Everett of El Jefe Design

Jeffrey EverettJeffrey Everett of El Jefe Design.

Ever since DC area’s Jeffrey Everett started his design firm, El Jefe Design (pronounced L-Heff-A), in May of 2003, he has been making waves with his creative well-designed products. You may have seen his concert posters in rotation on the homepage of the Black Cat website or on the walls of the club itself. He has created posters for Supersystem, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Low, be your own Pet (he designed this one for us), Lee Rocker, The Gossip, Wolf Parade and many more. Continue reading →

Free MP3’s Courtesy SXSW!

Did you miss this year’s SXSW? Do you feel like you missed out? You will when you read John Anderson’s article SXSW ‘06: “Thank You for the Days…”. As a conciliation we’ve included some FREE MP3’s from some of the standout bands, courtesy SXSW.

FREE MP3: “Changes” by A Cursive Memory

FREE MP3: “How Long Will It Take?” by The Plimsouls

FREE MP3: “Sixteen” by Lucero

FREE MP3: “Yes” by The Divorce

FREE MP3: “Tightly Wound” by The Capes

FREE MP3: “Mirror Kisses” by The Cribs

FREE MP3: “Wait For The Wheels” by Goldrush

FREE MP3: “tbc” by Billy Bragg

FREE MP3: “The Demon of White Sadness” by Marah

FREE MP3: “Red Hot” by Ellegarden

Thank You for Smoking

Movie Review >>

Thank You for Not Smoking photo

It should be noted that not one character smokes a cigarette onscreen in “Thank You for Smoking,” the long-awaited film adaptation of Christopher Buckley’s satiric novel. The closest smoking encounter is when tobacco lobbyist Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) reaches for a pack of smokes only to discover it’s empty – a clear metaphor for the tobacco lobby’s strength.

Thank You for Smoking Poster
Thank You for

(Fox Searchlight)
Rated: R
starstarstar (out of 4)
Official Site

First-time director Jason Reitman (who adapted the novel himself) is reaching for a deeper concept, a comment on the disintegration of debate and the trade-off of argument for manipulation in contemporary politics (and society in general). Reitman sees the tobacco lobby as an opening to a bigger, less tangible issue, and while he should be congratulated for his ambition, the execution sadly stumbles.

Naylor has lot on his plate as the premier lobbyist for a research organization propped up by Big Tobacco. He makes the rounds on talk shows, exchanges strategies and compares body counts with his buddies in the MOD (merchants of death) squad (the lovely Maria Bello for alcohol, the hilarious David Koechner for guns), makes deals to promote smoking on film with zany Hollywood agents (Rob Lowe), and competes in verbal battle with an overzealous senator (William H. Macy). Oh, and he’s trying to be a good role model for his preteen son (Cameron Bright). That’s only the start—more complications arise by the frame.

Which is part of the problem – Reitman has a lot of ground to cover in a limited amount of time (a good comedy should never run over 90 minutes), so every crazy character gets to make an entrance, be odd, and then maybe show up for a later cameo. Robert Duvall gets hardly any screen time as the tobacco maven the Captain, and it seems as if Reitman asked J.K. Simmons to reprise his “Spiderman” Jonah Jameson role instead of find a new character for Naylor’s boss B.R.
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