Smoking Popes at Nation Tomorrow

Here’s a great show we overlooked while doing “This Week in Music” presented by Mourning Star Association.

Smoking Popes photoSmoking Popes

w/ Bayside, The Oranges Band, and Discover America
$10 in Advance, $12 at the Show
Thursday, March 2nd at Nation
Doors at 7pm
All Ages

Seven years after breaking up, seminal Chicago rock band the Smoking Popes are back together and touring to support their just released live album, Smoking Popes at Metro, which was recorded at their charity reunion show last November in Chicago.

Smoking Popes flyerThe Smoking Popes began playing throughout Chicago in 1991 and quickly developed a solid, loyal underground fanbase. Josh’s crooning vocals melded with the band’s energetic pop punk musical style, setting the group apart from other bands in their genre. The band eventually gained national attention, a deal with Capitol Records, and a spot on movie soundtracks such as Clueless and Tommy Boy.

By the time the group disbanded in 1998, the Smoking Popes had secured a small piece of pop-punk history, releasing three albums and sharing the stage with many legendary artists, from the Foo Fighters to Cheap Trick, the Violent Femmes to Morrissey.

The line-up for the band includes brothers and original members Josh Caterer (vocals, guitar), Matt Caterer (bass), and Eli Caterer (guitar) along with Rob Kellenberger from the band Duvall on drums.

“We’re looking forward to performing together again,” says Josh. “It’s been years since I’ve been on stage with both of my brothers. When we first talked about playing together again, I think we were all a little bit reserved. Our attitude was, ‘Ok, let’s just try it and see how it feels.’ But as soon as we started playing together, it was so much fun and felt really natural. If the show is half as fun as our practices, it will be great.”

Free MP3: “Writing a Letter” a rare track by Smoking Popes