Welcome to the New Site

Well, sort of. As you can see we’re not quite finished. There’s going to be quite a bit of glitches and broken links that we’ll be tying up over the next few days. Thanks for your patience while we work.

Some of the new features we’ve added:

City Guide: Our Washington DC City Guide will be fully operational on Monday and will include information and links to our favorite music venues, clubs, bars, record stores, coffee shops, free wifi spots, and other independently owned business.

MP3 Blog: Our truly unique MP3 Blog will start on Monday and will offer Free downloads of our favorite recordings from our favorite artists, and stories about the songs as told by the artists themselves.

Photo Blog: Due to the great response we’ve had from the couple of photo-posts we’ve made in the past we have started our own Photo Blog. The staff of Mudsugar and guest photographers will be showing off their DC related photos and their related stories.

Concert Posters Blog: We’ve actually already ha this underway, we just added a section for it. Check out the cool designs.

News Shorts: We’ve been lacking in the DC area news department so we’ve added a News Shorts section so that we may keep you informed with all the latest happenings within the metro area.

Forum: The Forum is live an ready to go.

Events Calendar: Our new and improved events calendar will be up-to-date on Monday. It will now include our picks for best events. Plus, now our readers, club managers/owners, and artists may add their own events to the calendar.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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