Supergrass Rides Road to Rouen Through DC on Sunday

Supergrass – photo courtesy Parlophone

Britpop was one of the most bizarre cultural phenomena to occur in most of our lifetimes. It attacked, circa 1993, with a massive wave of bands that issued a cluster of trademark albums and subsequently conquered the UK, and in select Gallagher-related cases, the US charts as well. However, certain bands, like Supergrass, releasing their sensational debut ���I Should Coco��� in 1995, caught the tail end, and so they found themselves clumped together with a movement that their frantic energy and sense of humor simply transcended. Most pointedly, they���ve survived a number of ���waves��� of British music, gained critical praise consistently through five albums, and most relevantly, amassed and maintained a dedicated audience over here. This Sunday night, they���ll be playing to the longtime faithful and newcomers alike in a much-anticipated show at the 9:30 Club.

Indeed, Gaz Coombes and the boys, despite being dubiously hailed as ���everyone���s second-favorite band��� and ���the world���s ugliest band,��� have been producing consistently vibrant and altogether unique British Rock music for more than ten years now. Some thought they were throwing in the towel with last year���s Supergrass is 10: The Best of 1994-2004 compilation. But, like the ���Grass has done so consistently, they threw in a hook (well, tons of hooks, in a different sense) last year with the intricate, expansive Road to Rouen. Of course they���re not throwing in the towel anytime soon. They���ve been around for more than ten years now, but Gaz Coombes still has yet to even turn 30.

According to accounts of their Road to Rouen tour thus far, the quartet���s been mixing in a healthy blast of punchy old numbers like ���Sitting up Straight��� and ���Sun Hits the Sky��� with plenty of the newer gems like ���St. Petersburg��� and ���Grace.��� Few know exactly which surprises the hirsute Oxford lads will be pulling out on Sunday night, but finding out will only be a fraction of the fun.

Considering Supergrass��� long-standing underlying fascination with both psychedelic and American Roots Music, Texarkana ambient avant-pop outfit Pilotdrift will be opening. Their website will completely blow your mind, if their music doesn���t already.

Supergarass is playing the 9:30 Club this Sunday, February 12th. Doors are at 10 PM.

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