Deerhoof Coming to Town
with a Few Friends

Deerhoof. Photo by Dan Jarvis

Indie music’s greatest purveyors of pop turned on its head, Deerhoof, will hit the stage at Black Cat Saturday, Jan. 28. And while the San Francisco foursome and their eclectic slate of tour mates are the definition of unpredictable performers, one thing is for certain: this is a show not to be missed.

Deerhoof is coming off their most critically acclaimed (and publicly accessible) release, The Runners Four. Over the course of their lauded six-album career, the band has stumped music critics who’ve all fallen short of labeling their sound, calling Deerhoof everything from “post punk” to “art punk” to “no wave.” This latest album continues the band’s dedication to eschewing categorization, their bombastic songs constantly changing tempo and instrumentation without warning. The album, like previous releases Apple O’ and Milk Man, is consistently reinventing itself and shifting focus. Each song stands on its own making an individual statement about what pop music can be, which promises for a highly-charged stage show of wide scope.

Deerhoof is famous for taking their music to new heights of energy when playing for a live audience; thrashing about the stage and pushing their sound louder and stranger. Their repertoire has always been about startling dichotomies: lead singer Satomi Matsuzaki’s delicate and childlike voice over powerful walls of sound; a pulsing rhythm section and forceful punch of guitars simultaneously thrashing and tiptoeing upon a carefully composed melodic line. Plus, drummer Greg Saunier is one of the most talented beat keepers performing music live today.

Starter Set
Starter Set DVD Cover

Luckily for you, the $10 ticket price includes not only a Deerhoof performance, but an entire night of multimedia experiences. Director and animator Martha Colburn will be on hand to screen some of her recent works, including her music video for Deerhoof’s “Wrong Time Capsule.” Also performing is Starter Set, a sampling of ‚Äúnew dance and music created for the camera‚Äù by a collective of New York and L.A. dance groups including the Leg and Pants Dans Theeatre, Hysterica Dance Co., and 4 Hard Gulps Theater Company. The dancers have recently been getting attention for their modern dance sets staged to punk and indie rock music. Starter Set, a collection of visual and musical performances was recently released on DVD by Deerhoof‚Äôs record label, Kill Rock Stars.

Two relatively unknown musicians out of Bordeaux, France will provide some opening music for the headliners. L’ocelle Mare is a solo guitarist drawing from both classical and experimental influences. He explores many aspects of his chosen instrument, some songs are very percussive while others have a harp like quality to them. On the other hand, fellow Frenchman Le Ton Mite is a fierce noise machine, creating cacophonous compositions that sound almost like exercises in very, very experimental free jazz. For a preview of the insanity, visit

The show, on Black Cat’s mainstage Saturday, Jan. 28, kicks off at 9:30 p.m.

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