Adrienne Young and Little Sadie at Jammin’ Java

Friday December 30 $12 9:30PM! roots
Adrienne Young and Little Sadie
Adrienne Young is a seventh-generation native of Florida, born in Tallahassee and raised near Clearwater. She formed a jazz band at age 18 and toured within Florida but moved to Nashville to study at Belmont University and to surround herself with songwriters. In Nashville, she formed the duo Liters of Pop and played Nashville’s club scene, in addition to performing solo acoustic shows. While working as a temp, often on Nashville’s Music Row, she gathered enough money to start working on demos, which evolved into her debut album, Plow to the End of the Row. Each package included an envelope of wildflower seeds — a creative move that helped it earn a Grammy nomination for best recording package. She also won the Chris Austin songwriting competition at MerleFest 2003 in the bluegrass category. Her winning entry, “Sadie’s Song,” reconstructs the story of Little Sadie, the subject of a well-known bluegrass standard.

After finishing the first version of Plow to the End of the Row, Young formed a backing band, known as Little Sadie, and re-recorded the album with them. She released the album on her own label, AddieBelle Records and has appeared as a guest on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. In 2005, she issued The Art of Virtue, also on her own label.