Railroad Earth at The State Theatre

Railroad Earth

Genre: American Traditional Rock / JamGrass

Railroad Earth emerged from the breakup of one of New Jersey’s most popular bands, From Good Homes, in early 2001. In June 2002, one year from the release of their debut, Railroad Earth‚Äôs second album, ‚ÄúBird in a House‚Äù came out on Sugar Hill Records. After a year of steady touring and strong sales of their debut album, the anticipation was high for ‚ÄúBird in a House.‚Äù And the album lived up to it, receiving high critical praise from the press and their fans, and showing strong steady sales throughout the U.S. and Europe. With nearly 400 shows and tens of thousands of road miles now behind them, Railroad Earth has become a staple on the national touring and festival scene, and built a huge following of loyal fans that document and trade every note they play, and often join them on the road for multiple nights. These fans call themselves ‚ÄúHobos,‚Äù and the band considers them to be the fuel that keeps this engine chugging along. Their new album ‚ÄúThe Good Life‚Äù is set to be released on June 8, 2004

Thursday December 29
Doors: 7 PM
Showtime 9 PM
Tickets: $tba