This Week In Music…

Picks for the week of Friday, December 2 – Thursday, December 8

Surprising no-one, the Black Cat is this week’s Best Venue For Kickass Live Music. Remember to check out our venue listings page to complete your musical calendar.

Friday 12/2 >>

Annie photo

This Friday kicks the weekend off strong. The Black Cat’s indie dance night, BLISS, is moving to the mainstage tonight for a special event: Annie will be making a guest appearance, sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. This popster has been steadily climbing every Best Of chart of the year with her early Madonna-esque dancepop anthems. It’s not yet clear whether she’ll be performing, spinning, or both…Annie did get her start as a DJ, so who knows what’s in her bag of tricks?

For those of you who prefer standing against the wall with a beer, enjoying the varied textures of sound while possibly staring at your shoes, check out Mark Gardener at the IOTA Club & Cafe. Gardener, who just released his first solo album, played and sang in Ride, one of the early Creation Records bands that formed the shoegaze sound.

Saturday 12/3 >>

Rougue Wave photo
Rogue Wave

Saturday night brings our pick of the week: Rogue Wave is playing at the Black Cat, alongside Mazarin and (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope. Rogue Wave is the brainchild of Zach Rogue, a San Franciscan who was signed to Sub Pop on the strength of his self-recorded debut album, Out of the Shadow. Rogue Wave is touring now in support of their sophomore effort, Descended Llike Vultures, which ,unlike the first album, features collaborative songwriting from the whole band. Their sound is low-fi, often acoustic, with clever lyrics and softly sung harmonies.

Rah Bras are also playing Saturday night, at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington. Like many darlings of the local Lovitt roster, Rah Bras’ music is characteristically spastic and aggressive.

Sunday 12/4 >>

And on the seventh day, the Lord said “Go forth and see Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon!”

Monday 12/5 >>

Forensics photo

X, as well as being the inspiration for countless badass tattoos, are bringing their legendary punk rock sound to the 9:30 club. Opening up is Juliana Hatfield, whose cameo in the Xmas episode of My So-Called Life still brings me to tears.

If you like your punk rock a little more underground, check out Forensics at the Black Cat. These hardcore kids out of Fredericksburg, VA are playing just a few more local shows before embarking on tour with Cave-In.

Tuesday 12/6 >>

American Analog Set are playing the Black Cat on Tuesday night in support of Set Free, their newest release. The new album sticks with their formula of fuzzy keyboards and mellow drum loops. I’ve never seen AmAnSet live, but if their show is as captivating as their records, you won’t want to miss it. Opening up is singer/songwriter Chris Brokaw, as well as Virginia-based Meredith Bragg & the Terminals.

Wednesday 12/7 >>

Kick back for humpday and give Vicki & the rest of the Black Cat crew a chance to regroup. They’ve been working hard for you this week.

Thursday 12/8 >>

Pretty Girls Make Graves photo
Pretty Girls Make Graves

The Black Cat rounds out it’s week with Pretty Girls Make Graves, playing with Tangiers and The Double. These Seattle post-punksters were signed to Matador and released two fabulous albums in quick succession. They are releasing details of their third full-length soon. Check out their show if you like to be rocked; the guitar player has moves like you’ve never seen.