The Areas of My Expertise

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John Hodgman photo
John Hodgman

This coming Friday’s eclectic event dubbed The Areas of My Expertise reminds me of my mother’s post-Thanksgiving turkey soup — it’s got a little bit of everything. The event takes its name from John Hodgman’s recently released literary parody deemed “a compendium of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE.” Hodgman, a New York Times magazine contributor among other credits, offers up a hilarious twist on the American almanac. The book has received critical praise and Hodgman also recently appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Among other highlights, the collection includes a list of 700 hobo names which has inspired an online movement to render what each of these hobos might actually look like.

The evening also includes a motley crew of other performers. Musician Jonathan Coulton writes an original song for each of these events, but if you’re real lucky, maybe he’ll bust out his mean rendition of “Baby Got Back.” Cartoonist David Rees will be showcasing his futuristic “transparencies” and overhead projection technologies. And rounding out the pack, Adam Mazmanian, local writer and contributor to the Little Grey Books lecture series, will be sharing a short story or two. His unusually unattractive yellow bicycle can also often be found locked up outside of the Whole Foods in Logan’s Circle. Consider yourself warned.

The Areas of My Expertise takes place at the Warehouse Theatre beginning at 8pm on Friday, Dec. 2 and admission is free. That’s right — free. You can thank us later.