Niki Barr + Zella Mayzell at Jammin’ Java

Saturday November 26 $10 9:30PM rock

Consider this; there hasn’t been a truly talented, writes her own stuff, plays her own guitar, rock and roll front woman that has broken the surface since the late 90’s. Many have tried, but few have made an impact. Niki Barr is a name you can count on hearing with regularity now and in the future. With her magnetic stage presence, strong, memorable lyrics, and the superior musicianship of her band, Niki has quickly become a hot topic in the music industry.

Niki and her band play rock n roll, pure and simple. She is not part of any late developing trend and is certainly not the type to hop on any bandwagon. The only concern she has is writing good songs and knocking out audiences with stellar live performances.