Sarah Grace McCandless

Sarah Grace McCandless photo

At age three, Sarah Grace McCandless called some kid twice her age a “dumbass,” and it’s been downhill ever since. A native of the Midwest, SG also previously wreaked havoc in Portland, Oregon where she spent five years as the Marketing Director for Dark Horse Comics. Her first novel, Grosse Pointe Girl: Tales from a Suburban Adolescence brought a lot of old faces out of the woodwork as well as a letter from an inmate in an Ohio prison (minimum security). Her second novel, the girl I wanted to be, comes out from Simon & Schuster in June 2006.

Sarah Grace also writes for VENUS magazine and DailyCandy if she’s not being lazy and watching a Law & Order rerun (SVU, of course). Visit her blog, Sarah Disgrace, because chances are, she’s shit talking you.

You can very easily get on her good side if you bring her a cupcake. Show up with a carton of cottage cheese, and you’re a dead man.