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I started off with Theron Parlin’s Bionic Jive theme and over a period of a few month’s I ripped it to shreds and duct taped it back together again using influences and yeah, a bit of stolen code from one of my favorite website designers, Matt Brett. Don’t hold it against Theron or Matt if you don’t like the design, they are amazing designers, and try not to hold it against me too much—I’m just a print designer that knows just enough code to get myself in trouble. Like it or not, it’s here to stay until we can afford to get Matt to redesign it for us.


  1. Thanks Mudsugar :)
    Im working to build a blog with wordpress… just a question:
    this your wonderful theme will be released to the public ?
    Thanks again ;)

  2. We want to upgrade the site’s theme every 6 months or so. At which time I will try to make this one available to WordPress—if I get the approval of Theron Palin and Matt Brett of course.

  3. Such a fantastic theme. I’m running Bionic Jive too but damn! I have no idea how you tweaked it to look this good! Would Looooooooove to run something like this. HOpe you release it soon!

  4. It really is awesome.

    I’ve got to work out how you managed the categories so well. How only ‘featured’ posts got to the front page.

  5. Hi

    I’ve managed to create something like this using the Bionic Jive theme, it doesnt look as good but its *okay*.

    Maybe we could all chip in some money and get someone to make it look pretty?

    I’ve also managed to get just ‘featured’ stories on the front as well, along with other stories on the right.. I just need to work on formatting it all : (

    Anyone feels like they want to help email me!

  6. Hi, I really love this theme, it’so different and rich, it doesn’t even seem a WP Theme, actually. Please, if you read this message, can you tell me something about the template? I’m starting a new website and I would like to use it. Of course, I would customize it and put a link and an acknowledgement to MudSugar.
    This is really great!

  7. This website is awesome design! I didn’t know this was WP theme. I’d love to get this template for basketball/cheerleading tournament website, of course I make my graphics (header, navigation, bg and etc). Is this template available for fluid, not fixed? Please email me if you’re going to release this template. Thanks. Once again, awesome WP template! ::double thumb up!::

  8. and how did you set up the “authors” functionality, where every author has a profile page? is that manually coded? can’t seem to figure out how to set up profile pages for different users on my blog…

  9. When do we get this WordPress theme? The theme is awesome! Im in desperate need for a WP theme that works as a magazine/newspaper and this is THE theme. This would be perfect for my schools student union website.

    I would trie to do something like this but my CSS skills are zero…

    But again, awesome theme!

  10. Thanks again everyone for the kind words. I would love to make this theme available to everyone but it will need a lot of manipulation before I can release it to the public and I also have to get permission from Matt Brett and Theron Palin. Manipulation of the currenty code would take a long time to complete and I have very little to give right now. Everything I did to this site I learned from reading the WordPress support forums — it’s not that hard it just takes time and lots of trial and error. Or you could just hire Matt Brett or Theron Palin to design something for you. Thanks again and sorry I can’t make it available at this time.

  11. Hi. I’ve been searching the web for a while for a 4 columns wordpress theme and yours is the nicest I found. Is it possible to hire you for theme design? If so, contact me on JaneLame@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance.

  12. I can understand, mr. MudSugar, but it’s absolutely clear that your work goes far beyond what anyone else did on a wordpress theme, you should take credit for it. I saw hundreds of wordpress-based website and only MudSugar and maybe a couple of others have this kind of look and feel. That’s not easy to get, and it’s normal, as far as I know, to release a new theme just saying something like “theme by xxx based on the xxx theme by xxx”. Everyone do that, since they give credit to the original work but also to their changes, especially if they are so deep!
    Anyway, if you can’t release the theme at the moment, maybe you can make a few brief tutorials on how did you start and how did you achieve this modifications. I’m sure the whole WP community would be interested and enriched! Thank you again for replying! =)

  13. I completely agree with abietto. As part of the open source universe, you needn’t more than written “shout out” to the original theme designers, and I’m sure the other two wouldn’t mind at all, as they probably participated in WordPress BECAUSE of its open source/everyone gets to use it without paying some ridiculous M$ pricetag nature. I am so looking forward to using this theme it’s killing me. I hope you find some time soon because it is WONDERFUL.

  14. It looks fantastic!

    I’m looking for something that will allow me to present the content of my site in a more dynamic, less-linear way. This gives me all kinds of ideas.

    Great work and thanks to all who were involved.

  15. I just want to add my voice to the choir…would love to be able to play with this theme. it is exactly what I want structurally, although I would want a light background and different colors, I would be able to do that myself I am sure…but the code for the structure here is impressive.

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