Black Heart Procession at The Black Cat

Black Heart Procession Poster

I have been a fan of Black Heart Procession ever since the cute girl I met in college told me about them about ten years ago. I saw them for the first time at the old Black Cat and was amazed as they toyed with fire and played a rusted saw on stage (especially since the fire thing was about eight inches from my face). Thus it was pleasure to do a poster for these guys as they travel the US promoting their new album Spell.

Usually when I do a poster I tinker with one or two thoughts and jump into the final piece. I try not to dilly-dally since I make no money doing these and I want to keep the excitement high. With this poster though I did about ten versions based on various songs on the album before ending with a hybrid of a voodoo doll, my heart-skull logo, and an x-rayed cat doll.

The limited-edition, silk-screened poster will be available at the show as well as on El JEFE DESIGN in a few weeks. Check out the new store for all your poster needs by clicking here.