Person: “Business Class”


Business class is a term I lifted from the movie Swingers. Vince Vaughn’s character, Trent, talked to a girl whose phone number he subsequently tore up in front of his friends. He shook his head and said, “she’s too business class.” To me, this song represents how we all tend to fall for the wrong type of person. It’s also about how we covet that which we cannot have. It’s human nature, really. If something is easily attained, then it’s not as desirable and seems almost too easy. We are all guilty of it from day one. I mean, when you were younger and your mom said you couldn’t have any cookies, your gut reaction was that you wanted them, badly. The other thing about this song, and many of the songs in my album, is that we are force-fed relationship ideals from the beginning. As children, we grow up with these fairy tale notions of how we’re destined to be with one “perfect” person. There are movies, TV shows, songs, and literature all supporting the idea of a “soul mate.” If you think about it, this kind of mentality puts an enormous amount of strain on people. The more you expect out of people, the more they will fail you. I think ultimately, that’s why we, as a culture, have high stress levels. Our relationships never meet that romantic ideal. We expect a lot in terms of our relationships. We expect a lot in terms of success. I mean, can we ever detach ourselves from this kind of thinking? I know it seems like I’m judging. But ultimately, people, myself included, almost always criticize in others the very things that they either fear or covet themselves. The cash, the hype and the excess indeed.

— Miguel Lacsamana (Person)

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