Yo! Dude! What’s the deal with the site?

sneak peek imageSince we’ve been getting quite a few inquisitive emails about the current look of the site, we thought we better explain a little better than what’s written in the header. When we started Mudsugar on-line we didn’t expect it to take off as well as it has. Originally it was just going to be a springboard for Mudsugar Magazine (Premiere issue scheduled for a June release). Thanks to the quick growth in support and readership, we have decided to upgrade our server in order to incorporate new features, and be able to handle the future growth of the “webzine”.

With the switch to a new server has come a few hiccups. First off, some of you may have lost your feed—you can access the new feed here. Secondly, some of you may have linked to articles within our site and now they’re broken. It’s still here, you just have to do a search for the article to find the new permalink. Also, the old design theme that we were using will no longer work with the newly upgraded version of WordPress. Instead of trying to rebuild the old site, we are speeding up our production of a new and better website (Mudsugar 2.0). In the meantime we have installed a temporary generic site until we launch the new design on March 30th.

The new site will have many new features including easier access to subsections, a complete City Guide, an MP3 Blog, a Photo Blog, News Shorts, and Forums.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

And, oh yeah, to Marcus in Rockville who wrote, ” Yo, Yo, Yo! Dude! What’s the deal with the site? What happened to the funky colors and the grungy graphix?” Dude, they’re coming back, we promise… well, maybe not the “grungy graphix.”