Cuntess Twat and Lord Taint had been in bands for 5 years but neither was touring as often as they liked. With a lifetime of wedded bliss ahead of them they decided their chance to go all out balls to the wall was now or never. But who to recruit on this journey?

Their first choice was Sir Drunks-a-Lot, on guitar. Yes, it is true he is a metalhead, as you can tell by the long hair and wild stage poses. However, once he came out of the closet and admitted he was truly new wave at heart he was in. On guitar number two they chose Duckie Twat because they liked his personality and hipster haircut. The latest addition to the band is Rusty Trombone. He may be from North Dakota, but he is still one a heck of a guy. Feel free to come on down and give him a big wet kiss on the lips. Especially if you’re a dude.