The Getaway Car Christmas Show, The Alternate Routes at Jammin’ Java

Friday December 23 $10 pop/rock
The Getaway Car Christmas Show + The Alternate Routes
At first listen Getaway CarÔø?s All Your Little Pieces is radio-ready rock that sticks in the middle of your brain for days. Dig a little deeper and youÔø?ll find the ire of Elvis Costello and the sugar-sweet retro melody of Cheap Trick, Squeeze, and the Fab Four worn proudly on their collective sleeve.

The band also loves its side work. Members of Getaway Car have been hired as touring musicians with such major label acts as Pat McGee Band, Lucy Woodward, the New York Dolls, and Tonic. But the real goal for Getaway Car’s All Your Little Pieces and the NYC EP is to belong in any true pop-rock fanÔø?s iPod. Singer Todd Wright, bassist Chris Reardon, and guitarist Matt Miceli have crafted an EP and an LP that seem destined to carve (at the very least) their own Ôø?little pieceÔø? in rock history.