Jane Siberry at Jammin’ Java

Thursday December 15 $25
Jane Siberry
“Experiencing this Canadian queen of art-pop is like taking a road trip with an unpredictable friend: you might end up on some weird dead ends, but mostly the scenery will be surprising and beautiful.” Anne Powers, The Village Voice

Ôø?A superstar of the imagination with a passion for the truth.Ôø? Interview Magazine, UK

Ôø?Few artists consistently surprise and delight like CanadaÔø?s Jane Siberry.Ôø? Fanfare Magazine, NYC

Ôø?… exhilarating, mysterious, unsettling: all these words describe Jane Siberry. Her music is a catalogue of exquisitely beautiful, funny, moving, scary and enigmatic recordings, impossible to categorize… The mystery is how Siberry was ever able to smuggle music as astounding, and subversive as The Walkingand When I Was a Boy past the accountants and censors of a major label in the first place.Ôø? Peter Doggett, Record Collector