Robbie Fulks at Jammin’ Java

Saturday November 19 $12 7PM roots rock

Forget the labels — Ôø?Insurgent,Ôø? Ôø?Retro,Ôø? Ôø?AlternativeÔø? — and focus instead on the music. While some might try to copy old-style country music, Robbie Fulks not only knows it and loves it but brings its spirit, humor and otherworldliness to his own work. He’s the man who famously gave Nashville the middle-finger salute (Ôø?F**k This townÔø?), and then proceeded to devote an entire album to rare and obscure country songs that almost no one in latter-day Nashville had even heard. And while most current country recordings seem calculated to serve as inoffensive background music, Fulks still writes songs that make you think and feel Ôø? and sometimes laugh out loud. Now, after several years out of the spotlight, he’s back with a new album of new songs for a new label, Yep Roc Records. Titled GEORGIA HARD, it’s aimed at country fans that wondered where their music went.