Bright Eyes at Dar Constitution Hall

Bright EyesA Baltimore record store with expressive rack cards once summed up Bright Eyes with mock-lyrics – “My girlfriend left me (strum)/I’m all alone (strum)” – superimposed over a snapshot of a nursing newborn. Such jibes were once understandable. After all, the sensitive star of this folk/rock outlet, Conor Oberst, detonated his mushrooming music career at 14, heading the late Commander Venus with warbled musings on prepubescent angst. But while his voice remains as unsteady as ever, the now 25-year-old singer-songwriter is firmly gripping the “Tortured” rung of the indie ladder. Bright Eyes’ dual releases of 2005 even featured legendary folkie Emmylou Harris, a whiplash-worthy nod to the respect Oberst has gained in this genre. Bullies may continue to badger Bright Eyes, but the emotional souls who will flock to DAR Constitution Hall on November 18 believe this band and its leading man are more than child’s play.

Bright Eyes will be performing live, November 18th, at Dar Constitution Hall