Susan Gibson + Garrison Starr + Nini Camps at Jammin’ Java

Tuesday November 15 $10 8PM roots

Susan Gibson is always happiest on the move. Even though sheÔø?s settled into a home in the Texas Hill Country, she still puts upwards of 60,000 miles a year on her customized Freightliner van. And her latest trip, to satisfy that travelinÔø? itch, is Outer Space.

ThatÔø?s the name of GibsonÔø?s new recording (slated for release on July 12, 2005), which stretches her musical boundaries with its roots-rock sound and is easily the edgiest work sheÔø?s ever done. The new album also includes a live version of the Gibson-penned Ôø?Wide Open Spaces,Ôø? which Dixie Chicks propelled into one of the all-time best-selling country songs. The album Wide Open Spaces has sold 16 million copies and Gibson sports a tiny chicken foot tattoo to mark its success.

The song is a helpful introduction that immediately sticks with people who know the song but donÔø?t necessarily know Gibson.

Ôø?The flip side of that coin is that if my songs are like my children, Ôø?Wide Open SpacesÔø? is my professional child who might take care of me in my old age,Ôø? Gibson says, smiling. Ôø?Some of the other songs I have written are like the adolescent adult children who refuse to leave home.Ôø?

Balancing writing and performing is easy for Gibson, whose live shows draw a steady stream of fans including some who travel miles to see show after show.