The Nadas CD Release + The Clumsy Lovers + The Bridge at Jammin’ Java

Sunday October 30 $10 7:30PM eclectic

The career of most bands follows a depressing, predictable course: the flame of initial promise; followed by great expectations; followed by swift decline and demise, brought about by internal and external pressures, arrogance, poor instinct, a loss of the naive charm that marked the band as special in the first place, or all of the above. You, the audience, have heard the story, read the best-selling biography, and seen the major motion picture ? time and time again. So it comes as no small surprise that The Clumsy Lovers ? ten years and over 1,500 live performances deep ? are only now poised to achieve the creative and popular breakthrough of their lives. Without ever having courted or discouraged success, the happy-go-lucky Vancouver quintet has made an album that expertly walks the tightrope between tradition-minded roots music (Ôø?Raging bluegrass Celtic rock,Ôø? a reviewer once said) and sparkling modern pop. In trying to please no one but themselves, The Clumsy Lovers have conceived a collection of songs that may prove to please damn near everyone.