A Heavy Metal Halloween featuring Engage, Timelord and more at Jammin’ Java

Saturday October 29 $9 9:30PM!!! metal

TIMELORD is a technical power/thrash-metal band based in Northern Virginia USA. First and foremost musicians, each member has the talent and dedication to stand out on his own. More importantly, they are a powerful group effort composed of highly proficient musical visionaries. TIMELORD was formed in January 2005 by guitarist Aaron Richert and guitarist/vocalist Matt Aub. Drummer extraordinaire Rick Hodes and bass prodigy Joe Konczal stepped in commandingly to fill the unoccupied rhythm section. The band immediately began assembling the very best heavy-metal compositions they could create. Intros, outros, verses, etc. were revised to perfection. The resulting songs were recorded and compiled into an impressive debut album called Regeneration. TIMELORDÔø?s compositions are sonically dense, filled with dark minor keys and heavily orchestrated rhythm guitar work. The bandÔø?s multi-faceted etudes leave listeners entranced- never knowing what lies behind the next cymbal crash. The abundant use of melodic chorus sections adds a strong European elegance to TIMELORDÔø?s aggressive speed-metal sound. In addition- tempo and meter changes inflect progressive concepts into the ensembleÔø?s commanding aural assault. As expected- all instruments are performed with razor-sharp surgical precision. Intelligent composition and songwriting, soaring vocal melodies, intricate water-tight rhythms, blazing guitar solos, rock-solid bass work and highly precise drumming are the core elements that form the grandiose resonance emanating from the dark domain of Ôø?the TIMELORD.Ôø?

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